KEF LS50 Review – A Best Wireless Powered Music Speaker System

Do you associate good sound quality with high-end speaker systems that have all the works? The KEF LS50 active speaker system might change your mind. Equipped with the KEF Uni-Q Driver Array, this speaker system has great features that will let you enjoy music like never before. Let’s see how the KEF LS50 scores when it comes to sound quality, functionality and build in this KEF LS50 speaker system review.

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Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality the KEF wireless speaker system will let you enjoy pristine sound quality because of the KEF signature Uni-Q Driver Array. This unique feature along with time-correcting DSP crossover, can reach down to 40Hz and completely improve overall sound quality. You will be able to enjoy music and listen to low and high frequencies at the right time. Gone are the days when you need to have a complete speaker system to produce crisp and natural sound. Just sit back and let the KEF wireless system fill your senses no matter where you are in a room.


There are many ways you can connect with the KEF LS50 wireless speaker system. You can connect wirelessly using dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity or using Bluetooth 4.0. Connect your device via USB, slink for digital sound quality and using RCA analog connections. You can even wirelessly control this speaker system using your Android phone or iPhone. Connect your music player or phone to listen to tunes with a lot of bass and you won’t be disappointed. It cuts from less bass to more bass extension just like what top of the line music speaker systems can offer. It can even connect to a subwoofer if you are after more bass using a wireless app. You will find all speaker controls on top with surprisingly only five buttons to control everything. And of course, you can move these speakers around the room or you can even take this with you anywhere.

KEF LS50W Powered Music System

Built to last

One look and you will be convinced that this speaker was built to last. It has a sleek and seamless design looking like a single piece of material from a distance. It has no loose or hanging pieces or embellishments making it beautifully simple, just what you need in a wireless speaker system. Even the back part of the speaker is well-constructed and you can tell that it is designed for ease of use, improved functionality and simplicity.

KEF LS50W Powered Music System


The KEF LS50 Wireless Speaker System has good sound quality comparable to a complete, top of the line speaker system. It has a sleek and simple design, making it a good choice for audiophiles who admire sound quality over design. It has an overwhelming number of connections and can be accessed using a wireless app. You can place it anywhere inside a room to experience smooth and crystal clear audio. It is available in a variety of solid colors to complement whatever room design you have. If you think that the KEF LS50 Powered Music System is for you then follow this link.

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