How to Set Up a 7.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

A 7. 1 speaker system is a surround sound speaker system that will allow you to enjoy movies better. 7.1 audio gives you an immersive experience that you won’t be able to get from a basic home theater setup. Installing this system in your own home is not complicated at all as long as you follow this simple tutorial.

7.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

What you’ll need to set up this speaker system

Before setting up, be familiar with the back of your receiver and your speakers. Determine the connection from the back of the speaker to the receiver. Also, familiarize yourself with the connection from the receiver to the different audio and video equipment you want to connect to the receiver.

You’ll need the following

• 7.1 speakers
• Speaker wires
• HDMI wires
• Labels
• Remote

Deciding where to place your speakers
Decide where every speaker should go. The setup will usually depend on the shape and size of your room. For a basic-sized room, a 7.1 system should be distributed efficiently throughout the room.

The best installation and speaker placement would be according to your speaker manufacturer but ideally, it goes this way: the two tall speakers L and R are stationed on each side of the television. Additional tall speakers will be placed farther at the back, on each side of the room.

A center speaker is placed at the bottom of the TV while the left and right surround is placed at the back. The large subwoofer is basically a floor speaker that sits near the center speaker and TV but you can place it near your favorite chair for added bass.

As soon as your speakers are set, connect the wires from the back and run these to the receiver. Each of these speakers has specific jacks at the back of the receiver so it will be easy to install these. If you don’t want to connect using wires, use a wireless speaker.

Most wireless speakers need to be connected to the receiver through pairing. How to pair your speakers to the receiver? Check the manual of your receiver for correct instructions.

Connect your devices/equipment to the receiver
After your speakers are wired and connected to the receiver, it’s time to connect all the video and audio equipment to the receiver. The number of devices or equipment depends on the input capabilities of your receiver. Most updated receivers can accept multiple inputs including a television, a gaming console, Blu-Ray player and a cable or satellite box. All video-capable equipment should be connected to the television as well.

Configure your speakers
Now that the speakers are in place and connected to the receiver and all the equipment you have are connected to the receiver as well. it’s time to configure your speakers and checking the sound. There are ways to do this and this is usually according to your speaker’s manufacturer or you may simply sit in the middle of the room and play a movie with adequate special effects.

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